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    Essential Oils

    Holistic Practitioner

    I believe God has provided many ways for us to naturally support our health and wellness. I also believe that our bodies, minds and spirits are inextricably linked.  Emotional distress can have mood symptoms; but it can also have physical symptoms – AND VICE VERSA! Learn more about my work with holistic nutrition, aromatherapy and energetic facelifts here.

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    Essential Oils

    Goal Crusher Roller

    One of the things I have loved about becoming a certified aromatherapist is learning about essential oil chemistry. Sounds complicated but really all it means is – understanding how the essential oils and carrier oils interact with your body. So…ever feel like you’re lacking in motivation? Or – you have great ideas; but lack the follow through? I created my own blend to help you with your goal crushing! You put it on like a perfume – use it twice a day and as you use it, visualize yourself achieving your goals. Essential oils aren’t magic – they don’t replace hard work, persistence and follow through.  However – you can…

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    Essential Oils

    Why Essential Oils?

    Essential Oils? Network Marketing? Natural Living? Trust me, I can hear your eye roll from over here. And I can even understand where you’re coming from.  While I understand, I stand on my own testimony and experience. It’s so easy to ignore what people may see as a fad or just another product line to waste your money on.  Or another ‘friend’ who is telling you about their network marketing product line. Full disclosure: I enjoy network marketing. I’ve discovered great products, met great people, and had fun with it. However, my essential oil journey isn’t something that’s just for fun, or just for making money. These products have helped…

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