Jesus Christ saves those who are waiting for Him
Wisdom From the Word

Hope for a Weary Heart

The book of Hebrew is really a sermon written in true rabbinic form. We can relate to this epistle so well in 2018 because the audience was tired, worn out, exhausted to the point of questioning their faith. This happened all those many millennia ago and it is just as true for us today.

Something to also realize that we have in common with the audience of the epistle – Christ’s bloody sacrifice for was SHOCKING; it was really OUTRAGEOUS.  As a matter of fact, it was downright offensive in its brutality.  Just as for those listeners and followers of Christ all those years ago, they may have felt that they would have never done something so barbaric, archaic and disgusting.  We, too, feel that it was horrible but almost as if we believe it could never happen now, in this day and age.  Our civilization is too modern, too advanced, we believe we are so beyond inflicting this pain on violence on someone.

Except this denial of the shock is simply a denial rather than a true fact.  Our society sacrifices whole groups of people at the twin altars of violence and indifference all the time.

We hear invectives as whole groups of people are scapegoated rather than soberly solving programs of racism, archaic immigration laws, poverty, environmental degradation and family dysfunction. Our bloody sacrifices may be more subtle because they aren’t occurring on a Roman cross but they are no less devastating.

Jesus’ sacrifice means we have another way out. We have the option to lay all the guilt, all the blame, all the sins, all the separations at His feet without sacrificing each other any more.  What would happen if we really understood that? What would happen if we really DID that?

This is actually a directive that we have from God.  Its hard and we cannot do it without the Holy Spirit’s help.  The good news is, when Jesus returns, He isn’t coming back to deal with sin.  He’s already done that.  When He returns, He is coming back to save US – those who eagerly await Him, those who have been trying to do this work.  This is hope for a weary heart – He is coming back to save US. You and me.  Let’s join fast in waiting for Him together!

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