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Certified in Aromatherapy!

Hey all!

Did you guys know I am a certified aromatherapist? What does that even mean?

It means I have spent literally hundreds of hours studying and learning about essential oils – learning about their plant origins, chemical components, plus how and why they work!

All this to say: I can tell you when to use Clary Sage versus plain, old Sage. And I can tell you when NOT to use wintergreen.

Of course I also use essential oils that I enjoy just based off of their aromas; but I have studied and honed my skills and abilities about knowing when and where to use certain oils to support our bodies, minds and spirits.

If you have a question about essential oils, reach out to me! I can help! If you want more info, you can find me on my health and aromatherapy website or on facebook!

I have a special tip for you guys about a really common essential oil: Peppermint.  I’m going to tell you THREE things about peppermint:


  1. It supports your digestive system.  Put some peppermint essential oil in a carrier and rub it on your stomach to help soothe stomach upset.
  2. It supports energy levels.  That bright, minty smell can put a pep in anyone’s step.
  3. It curbs cravings.  Since its’ scent is almost sweet, many people find that inhaling the aroma of peppermint essential oil helps them not cave to mid-afternoon cravings for sweets.

Are you going to try it?  Need to get some? Go here and tell them I sent you by entering my referral code: 13199093. If you sign up – shoot me a message and I’ll send you a special gift 🙂