1 Peter 4 -19
Wisdom From the Word

Keep Doing What’s Right!

“Therefore, those also who suffer according to the will of God shall entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right.” 1 Peter 4:19 NASB


A lot of us are going through some times of difficulty  – whether its financial, health or relationships.  We read in the New Testament that there will be those of us who suffer.  There isn’t any question of this.

In it all, God will be glorified. And not only that – but we can still rejoice during our suffering because we have a faithful God who loves us and who has provided a means of salvation for us.

Because of this, we can be encouraged to keep doing what is right, even when its hard.  Doing what is right now can plant the seeds for life to improve in the future.  So don’t give up! Keep doing what’s right!


  • Alex

    And we are called to do what is right to alleviate the suffering of others. All those poor parents still separated from their children who are being treated terribly in freezing cold ICE facilities—all of whom will suffer the effects of this trauma for years to come—deserve swift reunification and our government must rectify its immigration policies to ensure it is meeting all international ethics requirements. The veterans, elderly and impoverished who are suffering and will continue to suffer with Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamp cut backs Deserve to have a government that will support them in their time of need—not further line the pockets of the rich. What would Jesus do? The inaction of people who call themselves faithful followers of Christ to demand our country and its leaders do the right thing is a sad sight indeed.

    • Julie Onos

      Hi Alex – its very heartbreaking to contemplate the suffering. In the end as the common prayer says, “we have to repent for things done – and also things left undone.”