Why Christian Mommy Blogger?

Whether you are a missionary across seas, a stay at home mom, or a teacher at an inner city school, you have a ministry. You have a calling from God to share the Gospel in whatever season of life you find yourself in. Mommy you have a message to share.

At Christian Mommy Blogger it is our deepest desire to educate, encourage and energize your eMinistry. We long to strengthen you in the Lord and help you find your voice so you can better sing His praises.


We provide technical know-how combined with a Biblical foundation. We will teach you how to track your stats, get started in WordPress, install plug-ins, and more. We want it to be impossible for you to NOT think about God, even when struggling with WordPress and code!


We encourage you to use your platform for the Gospel! The Great Commission follows us everywhere. We are to go to the ends of the earth proclaiming the Gospel. We will provide you with encouragement to pursue your passion, hone your writing skills, develop a niche for your ministry, and more. We want you to use the tools available (the Internet) and let your at-home ministry as mothers overflow into your online ministry.


As a mommy, you likely feel isolated in your role. This is where we inspire you to implement God in every facet of your life, both online and face-to-face. More ministry. More love. More teaching and encouraging. Less gossip, negativity, and complaining. As women we have to work hard to stay focused and not get jealous or compare ourselves to others. We want to energize you to dig deep in the Word and start growing your platform for Jesus!

How do you use this site?

You can subscribe for our regular emails which will give you a nice blending of technical know-how (educate) mixed with inspiration (encourage) and motivation (energize). You can choose to browse the site by one of these three topics, or delve in with more precision by selecting one of the categories over to your right in the sidebar.

Do you like the site?

We will be creating videos of how all of this was created! And if you have specific questions, please contact us and ask (or ask on our Facebook page) so we can get it answered for you! Get out your notepad, your Bible and a hot cup of coffee…you are in for a ride!

How it started:

Nikki originally started this site as a way to share recipes, homemaking tips, gardening tips, mommy advice and so on. She loved sharing but began to feel as though she didn’t have fresh information. She wanted to talk about two things: 1) marriage and what God was doing in her life and 2) how she approached this whole “online ministry” thing.

You see, it didn’t start out as a ministry. It started out as me. Me. Me. Me. Sharing one person’s thoughts, one person’s processes, one person’s heart.

She had to separate her God-time and her writing time. Why? Why should the two fall apart from each other? Though she is clearly a follower of Christ and write of Him often, she wanted to do more. She wanted to make it clear that it is impossible to NOT think about Him. This is where her path with Leigh Ann continued to cross. She was already doing this. Nikki wanted to do this, but didn’t want to give up her baby, CMB. It had all her thoughts and so much of the style and design of a blog that she loves.

Refer back up to the two things Nikki desired most to talk about. Notice number 2? She didn’t have a place to write about the whole online ministry process. Step by step what she learned and how to balance it all.

Thank the Lord, Leigh Ann had been praying for Nikki. Praying that the Lord might bring them together to minister to women as one. Two women saved by His never ending grace. Two hearts to serve Him eagerly. Two sites to equip you. One to minister to your heart and one to minister to your, well, ministry.

All of Nikki’s old CMB content is still here and you can still search for any recipes and tips you would like to explore.

Nikki and Leigh Ann worked to develop Christian Mommy Blogger as the go-to resource for Christian Mommy Bloggers everywhere.  They even published the best guide out there for starting and building an effective eMinistry and blog called Intentional Blogger.  But now, the direction of the site has changed, and it is very, very exciting, my Friend.

God has called Nikki and Leigh Ann to other focuses and pulled Julie into the fold. Before discovering Christian Mommy Blogger, Julie had been toying with the idea of ‘finally’ getting back to writing.  But she didn’t want to just do any writing – she wanted to write about Parenting, Finances and Personal growth from a specifically Christian perspective.  At the same time, Julie wanted to find a venture that she could slowly use to transition to working from home. She found Christian Mommy Blogger and used some of their suggestions to start her blog, www.Mountmom.com.

When she discovered the site for sale, she knew it was exactly what God called her to do.  Julie is following God’s calling on her life and via Christian Mommy Blogger hopes to help you live out yours! Together we can further spread the Gospel! Amen!


  1. Hey girls; I’m so excited to have found you above my link at Deep Roots. Like you, I see Auntie Em as my missionary to younger wives and moms (having many years of the school of hard knocks!) I liked your FB page and invite you to like mine (Auntie Em’s Guide to Life); and I added you to my WordPress reader- does that show up as a blog follow on your side? Hope so! And I’m really looking forward to learning bloggy stuff from you! I’m only 6 weeks old lol!
    Melinda (Auntie Em)

  2. I just “happened” to catch your post today, and I already feel encouraged and energized. I’ve been blogging for about nine months now, and while I am a Christian, my blog is not a Christian blog. I write advice from Grandma’s point of view. I am ready to go deeper than that now, and I want to allow God to use my blog in different ways should He choose to do so.

    I added your blog to my Google reader so that I can keep up with your posts. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Girls..I just recently found your blog..and still working my way around it.. I would love to be able to be a part of a group of girls like you!! I just recently had my blog re designed and plan on updating with more bible studies and such.. along with mommy homemaking and preschool work…and the quest on whether to homeschool or not homeschool (me and husband have different opinions..i am for…he is not) ..
    anyway… if you girls need any help over here..i would love to and be honored to do my best!!

  4. We WITHOUT question, recommend WordPress. NOTHING else compares. We explain everything in our book. But specifically, the Genesis theme (and pick whatever fun Child Theme you want too!). Do you already have hosting? If not, we recommend BlueHost!. If you need help with these, we offer a WordPress setup package in our Consulting biz.. Just let me know what other questions you have. We are always happy to help!!


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