Twitter Chat Party Tonight! 9pm-10pm EST


Tonight is the monthly Twitter Chat party!  It’s scheduled for 9pm-10pm EST.  Be sure to follow @christmomblog and use #CMB in your tweets.


We will discuss:

1)      Did you make blogging goals for 2014? How about specifically for February?

2)      Do you want an accountability buddy?


Lots of us wrote New Year’s resolutions, but did you have any specific goals for your blog? If yes, have you achieved any yet? Had to change any? Scrapped them? We’ll talk about how to hone in onto a goal so that you can make it happen. Look for the #CMB hashtag and respond to the discussion questions during the Twitter Chat Party!


Maybe you don’t know where to start or could use some motivation? Would you be interested in an accountability buddy?


How it works:

1)      You each choose something you want to accomplish that’s related to your blog each week.

2)      Share that goal with your blog buddy

3)      Check in once a week with each other to see how the other is doing.  Brainstorm together if there are any obstacles.  Cheer each other on in your successes!

4)      Pray for each other!


Let’s warm up our party skills right now! :) It’s always great to meet new friends. You may discover some gems of wisdom in someone else’s twitter feed.


Ready, Set…. Go!

1)      Share your twitter handles below in the comment section. 

2)      Choose at least one person you’re not following yet and follow them! Try for two!

3)      If you get some new follows, please follow back. 


See you tonight in the Twitter Party!


  1. @SarahCarlene84

  2. @ChristMomBlog

  3. This is a great idea to list twitter handles before the party, Julie! I hated missing last night, but have it in my calendar for next month already. Thanks for all that you provide for us Christian Mommy Bloggers :)! @candacecreates

  4. @womenabiding :-)

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