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Dear Blogger,

Did you know the average time spent on a website is less than one minute? One study shows that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds.

Fifteen seconds

We pour our hearts out online & that number is pretty scary. Clearly, we need to keep readers on our sites longer, and to engage with them better. Anything less is an invitation to a slow, painful death for our blogs!

Ready to fix the problem? Watch this quick video!

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How do you Engage YOUR Visitors?

We know readers have a short attention span–and it’s only getting shorter. That’s why smart bloggers take steps to encourage engagement. We

  • Use video & images to make our content more interesting.

  • Collect email addresses so we can stay in touch.

  • Use exit pop-ups to guilt readers into staying longer.

  • Use calls to action.

  • Link to other parts of our sites so new readers can see all we have to offer.

The list goes on and on. And all of those things do work…sort of.

  • Videos & images tend to hold our attention longer than just words.

  • Pop-ups do encourage more sign-ups for our email lists.

  • Calls to action give the reader something to do next.

  • Interlinking ensures our older content gets some love, too.

BUT…These Engagement Techniques Are No Longer Enough

Here’s what’s missing: uniqueness.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: You have a pop-up, or a sidebar ad for a great program, and readers simply ignore it.

This is a common problem, actually. It’s “ad blindness” and it happens because we see the same ads in the same locations so frequently that they cease to make an impression.

But sometimes you really need to give your readers an important piece of information, make an announcement, or even offer a great deal, and you need to ensure they see it.


  • “Seen everywhere” pop-ups only serve to annoy readers, and make them quick to click the “close” button…or worse.

  • Complex configurations and inflexible pop-ups make targeting your message nearly impossible.

  • Expensive and highly configurable solutions are powerful, but costly – especially if you’re paying for them month after month!

Sticky Note Ads Is Different!

Unlike other pop-up ads, Sticky Note Ads gives you total control over where your pop-ups appear, plus you can customize everything from the text to the background image and more.

Sticky Note Ads

Did you watch the video before? If not, check out this quick video about this plug-in’s great functionality.  

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Here is just a sampling of what this powerful plugin lets you do:

  • Create unlimited pop-ups – perfect for announcements, ads and more!

  • Choose from dozens of ad images or upload your own custom image–no more fighting with complex plugins and impossible-to-understand configuration pages.sticky note ads

  • Set default pop-up behavior or override those settings on individual posts and pages, so you can get your message in front of the right audience at the right time–your ads show exactly where you want them to, every time.

  • Create eye-catching ads she won’t be able to ignore with unusual ad backgrounds such as colorful hearts, sticky pads, and more.

  • Include any text of your choice for holiday greetings, sales announcements and more. There’s no confining format to work with, so you can include what makes sense to you and your readers, not what the software designer things you should include.

  • Control the cookie length so your readers won’t be annoyed with overly-aggressive pop-ups.

  • Set a default ad for site wide usage, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to make a sale–no matter what page your reader lands on.

  • Make any URL your ad’s destination. Take readers to your sales page, their member’s area, or any other page on your site or off. you have total control.

  • Use your own image as the ad–perfect for holiday greetings, coupon offers and more.

  • Your choice of several built-in fonts for an eye-catching message to match your style.

  • Style your ad with common HTML or custom CSS for the exact look you want.

For those reasons and many, many more, Sticky Note Ads is an incredibly powerful tool in your blogging toolbox.

But those aren’t the only reasons this plugin is tops among bloggers. You’ll also appreciate…

  • Dead simple installation–because Sticky Note Ads is built for WordPress, it’s designed to be uploaded right through your built-in plugin installer. No fiddling with FTP–just click and go!

  • No techy configurations to worry about–you don’t have to know what a javascript is or how to enable it to make this plugin work.

  • No restrictive text fields–say exactly what you want and take all the space you need!

  • Fully compliant with the latest version of WordPress, so you don’t have to worry about difficult to trace conflicts.

  •  Easy ad testing options so you can see exactly what your readers will see.

Sticky Note Ads Makes
Getting Your Reader’s Attention Easier

With just 15 seconds to grab your average reader’s attention, standing out from the crowd is critical. Sticky Note Ads gives you the versatility and flexibility to create any message in any format you like, without requiring you to jump through crazy configuration hoops or confining you to someone else’s idea of a “best practice.”

It’s your website, and you should be able to do what’s right for your audience, don’t you agree?

Sticky Note Ads lets you do just that.


Get Instant Access Now

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I need Sticky Note Ads! I’m tired of ads that don’t convert and not being able to get my message across to my readers. Sticky Note Ads is just what I’ve been looking for.

I understand I’ll get:

  • The easy-to-install plugin package–made just for WordPress so I know it will be simple to use.
  • 18 built-in ad images and 6 included fonts for complete control over the look and feel of my ads.
  • The option to make unlimited ads and to control exactly where they appear on my site.

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