Sharing Mommies {A Wednesday Carnival}

Welcome to the first EVER Sharing Mommies blog carnival! This is not just about other’s finding our blogs – this is about SHARING with each other! What struggles are you going through? Funny habits that you are working to break or instill? Or anything that is Mommy related in anyway (we do a lot, so most anything goes!).

There are only a few rules. Please read them carefully before linking:

      1. I ask that you follow my blog if you utilize the blog hop. I have mommy posts and lots of recipes, but also it will remind you each week to come back here so you can share! And please comment after posting. That actually gets you more traffic (for people that only skim comments).
      2. Please do not use any profanity in your posts or post titles. I try to create a polite, respectful, peaceful environment on my blog. If my readers or visitors click on a link through my site, I would like to know it is quality-I will be checking the links myself!
      3. Which leads me to my next “rule” or “plus”. If you link here, I will read your post and follow you on FB/Twitter or RSS (whichever suits my fancy I suppose!)
      4. And lastly, please be SURE to link back to this post from your post. Link to and from so we get really connected!
      5. Oh, I forgot one…please don’t join the hop, post and hop right on outta here! Part of this is to in fact get traffic to your blog…you always get more by giving more, so please check out other’s stories and comment to let them know you were there (and from where you came so they know!) and of course, follow them if you like their blog!

Post your link, grab a cup of coffee, curl up on your couch and read about mommies sharing their hearts here, at

Thanks for stopping in!

In Him, Nikki

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  1. I shared about what it means to me to be a Christian Mommy Blogger!

    • i clicked over from twitter and just realized this is from September. Are you planning on starting this up again? I have noticed that there are A LOT of blog hops in the middle of the week. Maybe it would be better to do on a Monday?

  2. Thanks for the follow! I’m following you on FB & Twitter! you might want to add a FB link here on your blog though, it was hard to find you :-) Feel free to come back and enter the giveaway! I’ll be signing up for the Wednesday Carnival as well :-)

    • I will come back for sure…and my designer is working on my FB icon as we speak :) My header, side bar and social icons will be new within a few days! Thanks for all the likes!

  3. This is a wonderful blog hop! I am looking forward to Wednesdays very much! I am really enjoying your blog.

  4. Thanks for the invitation. This is my first blog hop. I hope I follow all of the correct protocol! Beautiful site!


    • Thank you! My site is still wrapping up construction…there will be category links on the side and social icon buttons coming soon….still in development. But I have more stuff on here, just moved it from another site!

  5. Nikki! So glad to see you have a blog carnival. I love the smaller/newer hops because I don’t get so overwhelmed with all the links. I will definitely check out the others. I post 4 links today Hope that’s ok and really hope I kept it clean . . . ;)

    Two recipes: marinated grilled pork belly and cream of mushroom soup
    Two articles: one on body image (pt 1) and the other on Nanotechnology (with an action alert and petition)


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