On the Other Side of the Computer {Motherhood Series Wrap Up}

A day in the life of a work at home mom. Isn’t that your dream to see? Haven’t you always wondered what it is like from start to finish? I know it is. Your dream that is. And today is your lucky day. This is a day in my life, a typical one actually. One where we’re home all day, not running errands or going on a play date or heading out to the library. We’re at home doing chores, learning together, and sticking close to the office hours.

Bright and early our day begins. My husband and I got up around 6:15 (supposed to be 5:30, but we were both dog tired!). I got a few minutes in the word before this beautiful thing sauntered into my room. Granted he’s not supposed to leave his room until 7:30, but at 7:15, I figured it was close enough. He was all cuddles and smiles.

After breakfast (scrambled eggs and apple slices), Samuel found my candy cane from our Christmas party the night before. He’s never had a candy cane. So he got a breakfast dessert. He loved it! But he didn’t quite understand you’re supposed to savor not chow. Eh, he’ll learn eventually.

While he enjoyed his candy cane, I cleaned up the breakfast dishes and finished boxing the Christmas presents Daddy was taking to the post office to ship to our families. Daddy got dressed for work, and we proceeded to rush around for 15 minutes getting Daddy out the door looking like Santa Claus.

I cleaned Samuel up after his candy cane delight, and scooted him off to the play room to busy himself. I cleaned up the postage mess and started a load of laundry. Then, I joined Sam in the play room for some intentional toddler time.

Samuel is totally into numbers right now. We worked with this little puzzle from the Dollar Tree for about 30 minutes. We also worked with several other puzzles we have on hand. He was in the puzzle working mood. Fine with mama because she LOVES puzzles! This was a sweet time. Then, it was off to switch the laundry and finish up the last of our Christmas presents that didn’t make it out the door with Daddy and to make a fresh brew of Kombucha.

Making kombucha is probably my favorite thing I learned to do this year. Well, that and learning to make real food dinners in just 20 minutes. That was a lot of fun too! But seriously? Kombucha is the bomb-diggity. If you don’t know what Kombucha is, we need to chat. It’s fermented tea that is awesome for your health! So I started the sweet tea for a new batch and bottled what was ready. Don’t they look lovely sitting next to my milk jars? Raw milk is also a favorite. If you don’t know what that is, let’s chat about that too!

Then, it was snack time for little man. He requested cheese and raisins, but his dinosaur had to help him eat. No problem. A roaring child at snack time was pretty funny!

After snack, we went upstairs to fold laundry and get dressed. This is a rarity for us. I’m NEVER in my pj’s past 7am. I’m a get up and get dressed kind of person. I get it from my Daddy. He was the same way. I also get Sam dressed every morning. But today? I was dog tired, remember? So we were still in our pj’s. Actually, someone dropped by after snack and before I made it upstairs to change. This stay at home mama got caught in her pjs! Good thing it was a stay at home mom who dropped by, right?

Anyhow we got dressed, tidied upstairs, and made our way back downstairs for some lunch.

It was buttered noodles for the boy. Added bonus? Sensory play! Great meal to have when Daddy isn’t around. Daddy doesn’t like mess. Oh, how different we are!

Mommy had a salad with leftover turkey (yes, from Thanksgiving, but don’t worry it was from the freezer). Sam stole all my celery and ate my ranch dressing like it was soup. It’s okay because it’s “good for him” ranch dressing (probiotics anyone?).

Then, it was nap time and this mommy got jiggy with it!

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve not been able to keep regular office hours because my boy has not been sleeping. He’s only been taking about a 45 minute nap, and I bank on my afternoon time for work. Shew! Talk about having to open your little hand for the Lord to part the waters. Somehow, He’s always multiplied my time, but it’s left little room for Facebook groups or Pinterest. Bummer.

However, today I received an enormous gift from the Lord. My teething toddler slept for 3 hours! Woot! I got a lot done including an outline for two eBooks that Nikki has been waiting on me for…*ahem*….I cleaned out my inbox and took care of some contributor questions for Intentional By Grace. Love productive work times!

Then, it was mom duty again, and really? Who can deny how cute this guy is?!

And look at the bed head! He rarely has bed head, so this was too adorable to pass up. This was the first day he came out looking rested and happy. Praise the Lord, the tooth has set us free!

We headed downstairs to watch Diego while I wrapped up a few things on the computer. Daddy soon came home, and it was a flurry of movement to get dinner on the table. We had tickle time while dinner reheated. I love leftover nights!

While we had tickle time, Daddy got the driveway shoveled. Seriously? This is my first winter in Colorado. It’s snowing a lot of snow out there. It took it long enough, but I’m pretty sure my world will be white for the next six months or so. Good thing I adore my snow boots.

Clearly this picture isn’t from today because I didn’t mention going outside, but it was taken this past weekend. It gives you an idea of what I’m working with over here. Beautiful!

After dinner, we did our Truth in the Tinsel devotional and ornament craft. Seriously? You need to get Truth in the Tinsel. It’s awesome! Save it for next year, or start it now. I promise you’ll be richly blessed. My (almost) two year old has thoroughly enjoyed it! We also sang “Away in a Manger,” which is Samuel’s favorite song right now. He loves the hand motions. If you sing it once, you’ll sing it 20 more times. I promise.

Afterward, it was more puzzle time with Mommy while Daddy cleared the dishes. Then, it was wrestle time with Daddy (a nightly ritual that is seldom missed!).

Around 7pm we began the clean up process. Mommy tidies the kitchen and dining room and wraps up remaining chores (tonight it was folding laundry…yes, I worked on the same load all.day.long.) while Daddy and Sam put away all the toys from the day. Then, we finished up the bedtime routine, and waited for Samuel to decide who will put him to bed. Ah, the luxury of an only child, right?

He chose me, so we read several Christmas stories and ended with the Nativity story from The Jesus Storybook Bible

. We prayed together and then it was lights out. Sort of. He got up about five more times and Daddy dealt with it while I put this post together for you.

But now, Sam is down for the count and the hubby is working on our budget. Afterward it will be lights out for us. Then, we’ll start it all over again tomorrow.

But tomorrow will be totally different because isn’t that true for all of us? You have your routines and schedules, but rarely does it all go as planned? That’s life, the beautiful journey of living. It’s a gift. We are blessed. And that was a look at my day on the other side of the computer. I know I just made all your dreams come true!

This also wraps up our motherhood series. I hope it’s been beneficial to you. We know it’s not directly related to blogging, but for most all of us, motherhood is a huge part of our lives. We’re moms before we’re bloggers. But if you’re like me, being a mom has made you a better blogger, and being a blogger has made you a better mom.

There are several other moms who took part in the series, and many of them are sharing a day in the life with you today as well. Hop over and check them out! (Psst…Nikki shares about hers over at Intentional By Grace today!)

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  1. Just found your blog and I love it! my children are in grade school now but I remember these days fondly. Cherish them!

  2. Love the pictures! I wish we had snow like that. :)

  3. Love this peek into your day!! I suppose I could have shared a more “normal” day for us, but what is normal anyway?

  4. Oh regular sleep, that would be nice! It’s true what everyone has told me that when you think that you have everything figured out, teething strikes! And absolutely kills productivity! Oh well, I am enjoying my time at home and reading your blog!


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