Nikki’s Journey through the Blogosphere #1

Last week the Blogosphere was hopping with fun giveaways, informative posts, and exciting recipes! I would like to provide you (and me) with a simple way to capture all of these fun blog posts in one place. I find great blog posts and you get to review all of them in one great location. And perhaps you will even get introduced to a new blog that you have never heard of!

  1. I have to first and foremost share a giveaway from The Healthy Home Economist. I love this site as she simplifies traditional food preparation. She is a WAPF Chapter head and does fun videos to teach the basics…well for some basics you need a starter culture. These can be for Sourdough, Kombucha, Kefir (dairy or water), Cheese, and the list goes on! If you wanted to buy all of these boy would that cost a lot of money! She has partnered up with Cultures for Health to give away some awesome cultures! Click over to the post to find out how you can enter!
  2. Emily over at Recipes To Nourish posted about a fabulous looking chocolate sauce (I can almost taste it through the computer). I am so going to have to try this at home!
  3. Megan over at Maid in Alaska posted a helpful article about 10 Tips to getting your kids to eat healthier. She has some great tips. I like the dip one. We do this with our oldest. If she really doesn’t seem to like something, we give her a little LF Ketchup. It is healthy, nourishing and she loves it. But we do this in moderation. We do not want her to get into the practice of always “needing” a dip.  But it works great for those darn green beans!
  4. Emily over at Butter Believer posted a very interesting article on Lemon Water. I have to say I am very intrigued. Basically, your body is detoxing in the morning – so eating breakfast first thing can mess with the detox and drinking Lemon water can help the detox process. There is much more detail to be found there, so please click on over and read the article. I am going to try it this week (oh, but my coffee :)). {Emily, if you are reading this, I went to your site specifically to give you a shout out – Thanks for linking to my blog twice! I just happened to stumble upon this post and really want to try it out!}
  5. Mindy over at Too Many Jars in my Kitchen posted about natural cleaning ingredients. Those who know me know that I only use natural/organic cleaning (house cleaning and personal grooming) supplies. You can get caught up in “needing” tons of “Natural Cleaning Supplies” and in reality, you are simply missing the simple ingredients that are right in your pantry. I use white vinegar in my laundry ALL the time (cloth diapers people – vinegar is an odor absorber) but loved the recipe on this post about homemade soft scrub. An all natural WHITENER? THANK YOU MINDY! Enjoy reading the article as there are more tips than just what I mentioned.
These are just a few of my links for the week. I will have more to share next Monday on my next Journey through the Blogosphere!
In Him,

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  1. Nikki Moller says:

    I love the idea of benefiting from your research. Love all 5 sites. Am going to do the lemon water first thing in the morning. Use to do it years ago but then coffee took over. Will let you know how it goes.

  2. Nikki, you are too sweet!! I have so much fun linking up to awesome blogs like yours, but getting the favor returned is so nice! Thank you so much for featuring me on this post! I hope you try out the lemon water and love it as much as I do, even if you do still enjoy your coffee, hehe. :D

  3. Hi Nikki – Thank you so much for sharing my site and article! ;)

  4. Thanks for linking to my post!


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