Ministry Isn’t Only for Missionaries


This is a post from contributing writer Jenni of Live Called:

Juggling a baby on her hip and grocery bags in her hand, a busy homemaker makes her way to the car. As she straps her little one into the car seat, she ponders the sermon she heard the day before. “Am I making a difference for the kingdom of God?”

A weary bank teller kicks off her shoes after a week of working long hours. Settling onto the couch to sift through her mail, she wonders, “When will I have the time and money to serve the Lord?”

Can you identify with either of these women? Maybe you sympathize with both. Some days I sure do.

It is easy for us to start believing the lie that we cannot minister in certain seasons of life. It can be tempting to get discouraged, especially when God says “stay” or changes your plans. However, it is vitally important that we realize that God calls us to every season for a reason and each role we are given has a purpose. Our responsibilities may change, but the mission behind them should not. Our aim is to bring glory to God by ministering to others.

As a homemaker…

You can joyfully manage your home, knowing that your daily tasks are not done in vain. Cleaning, washing laundry and fixing meals are all simple ways to serve those you love the most–your family.

As a mother…

You have the high calling of raising up the next generation for the Lord. Seek the wisdom of God in your parenting decisions and train your children to love the Lord and serve others.

As a single…

You have the freedom to live without worrying how your decisions will effect a husband or children. Follow Christ as He leads you and seek to serve others in whatever circumstance you find yourself.

As a wife…

You can minister to your husband and with your husband. Discover how to best show love to your spouse and make an effort to display your respect for him. Pray for God to show you both how you can minister to others as a couple and find a way to follow God’s leading.

As a woman…

You can walk alongside another Christian woman and encourage her in her walk with the Lord. There is a desperate need for discipleship in the Christian community. Be a mentor to a younger woman. It will be well worth your time.

As a writer…

You can use your gift to uplift others. Whether you do this through a blog, books, or by writing letters to people, find ways to minister through your words. Write for God and you will inevitably bless others in the process.

The bottom line is this: Don’t use your circumstance as an excuse to avoid serving others. <— Tweet this!

There are so many ways you can minister where you are if you have the desire. Ministry isn’t only for missionaries. Seek the Lord, research opportunities and live like you’re on a mission. Because you are!

How are you ministering to others?

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  1. Excellent. Today I am ministering to my weary husband. (University director, evening online teacher and working on a doctorate) I’m preparing his space–dusting his desk, making his favorite snack and right before he walks in the door, lighting a candle to make his desk cozy. Such a small thing, but where I am today.

  2. “Write for God and you will inevitably bless others in the process.” Yes. This.

  3. “Don’t use your circumstance as an excuse to avoid serving others,” so true. I once did just that, I always had an excuse, I don’t have time, I’m too tired, I don’t have enough money to go around, but once God hold ofmy heart and convicted me in this area I saw just how divided my heart was. Now I try to live by faith and trust that God will fill in where I lack.

  4. Now to trust God that this is the circumstance… because I’m a single girl and a little discontent and can’t see the rhyme or reason for this season. But it’s the daily transforming that brings changes my mindset and I know when my mindset in this season changes it will be that each moment is a blessing and I can minister in the moments.
    Thank you :)

    • Racheal, I was right there with you just a few short years ago! It is so easy to allow discontentment to settle in your heart as a single. (And in any season, really.) You are right, it is a daily decision. So glad you are striving for that mindset and thankful that this post was a blessing to you.


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