Menu Plan #4

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My life is getting busier, and it is getting harder for me to find the time to menu plan…ironically that is when I need to make SURE I am planning! How are you doing with your planning? Are you sticking to your menu?

Oh just a few things first: Lunch is not listed (nor are snacks) because we do leftovers for lunch (usually). Breakfast is either milk or a smoothie plus fresh fruit plus either aussie bites/english muffins/soaked muffins.

Monday: Well, I am a day late posting this. We had my beefy skillet…and the recipe WILL get posted this week!

  • Dinner: Almond Bread (made with almond flour) and Coconut Chicken
  • Prep:  Feed sourdough starter.


  • Dinner: Red Beans and Rice Burritos (with some ground pastured pork). Sweet Pepper salad for our side.
  • Prep: AM- Soak rice (min. of 7 hours, for dinner tonight). Feed sourdough starter. Pull out pork



  • Dinner: Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs (homemade of course)
  • Prep: Feed sourdough starter


  • Dinner: At a friend’s house for a pizza party
  • Prep: Pull out chicken for Sunday.

Saturday: UPDATE::::::::::IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY SO WE ARE EATING SUSHI! Happy Anniversary Anthony

  • Dinner: Leftovers (or Pancakes if necessary) Sushi from our favorite place for our 6th wedding anniversary!
  • Prep: Soak oatmeal for Sunday. Feed starter.


  • Dinner: Chicken in the crockpot and almond bread (think cornbread)
  • Prep: Put Chicken in crockpot early AM. Feed starter.

So there you have it…now to actually stick with these dishes! I will let you know how it goes!

I have some great posts coming up so be sure to check back! My journey through the blogosphere.

What are your menu plans? PLEASE SHARE so we can all get ideas and grab a button (below right) to show off on your blog or email signature!

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  1. Good menu! I need to try the almond bread. I’m travelling for work this week so no menu from me :) I’d guess hubby is eating hot dogs.

  2. I know how you feel…I try so hard to stick with my menu planning, because I feel so off if I don’t! I didn’t realize how much I depended on it until I don’t do it. IF you have some great recipes, please come over and link them to my Must Try Mondays.