Is it Easy for Readers to Tweet your Posts?


Welcome to Tech Tuesday!

Let’s talk about how to make it easy for readers to share your great content on Twitter.  And you do have great content, right? Right!

Step One:  Write Great content.

Step Two: Choose a sentence you want readers to tweet.  e.g. “Sentence stuffed with wisdom.”

Step Three:  Decide how to tell people to tweet. e.g. “Tweet This Phrase!” or “Quick Quote Tweet!”  For this example, let’s use “Quick Quote Tweet”

Step Four: Type the following in your blog post:  Sentence stuffed with wisdom.  Quick Quote Tweet! And hyperlink,”Quick Quote Tweet”

Step Five:  For the hyperlink, you’d use a link in this format:

<a href=” Stuffed with wisdom. via @yourblog”>Quick Quote Tweet</a>

Let’s look at the parts of this URL:

Part One:

<a href=” Stuffed with wisdom. via @yourblog“>Quick Quote Tweet!</a>

In bold above is what will show up in the actual Tweet. (Of course you would use YOUR twitter handle. Not @yourblog)

Part Two:

<a href=” Stuffed with wisdom. via @yourblog”>Quick Quote Tweet!</a>

The part that’s bold above is what you hyperlinked.

Part Three:

<a href=” Stuffed with wisdom. via @yourblog”>Quick Quote Tweet!</a>

The part that’s bold above is what puts it on that reader’s twitter as a tweet.


OK if you’re a little bit like me, your eyes started to gloss over at Part One.    UGH!


Its not that its impossible to understand.  But you have enough going on already.  The good thing is that I found a couple tools out there that do the work for you.  I’ll talk about one this week and one next week!

The first tool is called  This tool generates the URL (link) for you so you can just focus on your content.  Just write your message and then click “Generate”.

You have the choice of just generating links from this homepage or of signing up for an account.  If you do not sign up for an account, can generate the link and track how many clicks you get. If you do sign up for an account (which is free), you can generate links, edit them, track how many clicks and track how many people actually followed through and tweeted.  Currently there are no limits on the number of links you can generate with this free account.  You will notice that your message is limited to 130 characters instead of twitter’s 140 characters.  That’s to allow space for link tracking and for retweets.


So what do you think? Would you prefer the steps listed at the beginning of this post or just clicking “generate”?  For me, simplicity is often best!

Tried a new tech tool today while reading #CMB! via @christmomblog Quick Quote Tweet!

Did you like Join CMB next week to learn about another tool!


  1. I’ve tried this with a few of my posts, but I use ClicktoTweet. I like doing it when I’m reading blog posts, but I find it’s an extra step when composing posts so I don’t always do it on my own blog. :) Thanks for sharing the URL – that almost sounds easier than going to a different site to get a link to tweet.

  2. I use the clicktotweet plugin and I really like it :)

  3. Hi, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this post.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

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