How to Manage Your eBook Library: 2 Good Options {Tech Tuesday}

How to Manage Your eBook Library

There are two main things to consider when getting your eBooks from your email inbox to your download file, to an organized folder and then ultimately to a device to read them on (unless you exclusively use your computer).

1. How can I most efficiently get the book from point A (my computer) to point B (my wireless device)?
2. How can I most efficiently organize my books to make them usable?

Enter: the dilemma that will not get answered in this post.

Wow, that’s promising. No?

Well Kindle and Kobo are my front runners for managing your eBook library but neither offer a solution to both. In fact, I was unable to find one option that did both, unless you have an actual Kindle. If you do, then you do not need to finish reading this post.

So here is the skinny: I can provide a solution to each question above for your eBook library. But not to both at the same time. You decide which is more important to you, and then follow the instructions below!

1. How can I most efficiently get the book from point A (my computer) to point B (my wireless device)? Kindle app
2. How can I most efficiently organize my books to make them usable? Kobo app

How to Use Kindle for Your eBook Library Storage (without owning a Kindle):

I don’t own a Kindle so whenever someone mentioned anything about the Kindle app, I assumed it didn’t apply to me. Perhaps you have thought the same thing?

We were wrong.

The Kindle app is something that keeps all of our smart devices (phones, tablets, eReaders) connected via “the cloud.” You also get a handy dandy email address. This means you can buy something like THE ULTIMATE HOMEMAKING BUNDLE, download the books, organize them on your computer for easy access and ease of use in the future. Then you drag and drop into your email compose window and voila! They will appear on “the cloud”! This means anywhere you have your Kindle app loaded OR anywhere you can access your Kindle webpage (ie from someone else’s computer) you can read a book (or PDF document) – picking up right where you left off! You have immediate access to your entire eBook library!

Here is a little video showing you how I did it. You will see me refer your kindle email address. This isn’t your “Amazon” email address, but your actual custom-only-to-you Kindle address. Here is where you find it (if you don’t like that email address, stick with me, I show you how to change it in a bit):

How to get documents to your Kindle app (off your computer!):

If you can’t see this video, click the link to watch directly on YouTube: How to get documents to Kindle

Please note, the process is not instant. Well, if you live in a big city and have really fast internet, it may be instant. But if you have regular internet it takes a few minutes. I get an email that tells me “You have documents added to your Kindle account.” Then I can open my app, click “device” at the bottom and “refresh” if necessary (bottom right hand corner). Here is what the process looks like:

Here they are downloading to my device:

And here is the finished list (this is what I see when I launch the app):

How to use your Kindle app:

So the app is on your iPad (or iPhone, iPod, or whatever electronic device you are using!). How do you manage it? Here is a little video of me using it on my iPad:

If you can’t see the video below, click the link to watch directly on YouTube: How to use your Kindle app


And here is how you update your Kindle account settings (change your email address):

If you can’t see the video below, click the link to watch directly on YouTube: Update Kindle Settings

Something isn’t working with the Kindle app?

Below you can see where I went for help on my application. I am enough of a dork that I like to read the FAQs or basic help to make sure I’m not missing something obvious! (Am I the only one who does this?)

How to Use Kobo for eBook Library Storage and Reading:

There isn’t a lot to share about this app. Meaning, you don’t do a lot of setup and syncing. The big perk is you can organize which you can’t do with Kindle (yet). Here are the “perks” of a free Kobo app:

If it is more important to you to organize your books than it is to easily get them to  your device, this is a better app for you. If you are like me, you would rather have the ease of emailing and just having the book “there” (that is why I prefer Kindle). BUT with this app, you can email it to yourself (rather than Kindle), open the email on your device, save the document and open in “Kobo” (see pic #5 below). Your smart device makes it easy. Here is a picture tutorial, step-by-step:

1: Install the app. Go to or to your app store on your smart device.
2: Once it is installed, you need to sign in. I linked mine to FB for ease.
3: Configure your login settings.
4: Your library is empty! You need to go to your email, download your PDF and…
5: With an iPad or iPhone you select, in the upper right hand corner “open in Kobo”. This adds it to your library.
6: This is a view of my library. I am creating specific bookshelves for categories (In the Kitchen, Business, etc.)

Here is my organized library. You can see the shelves named in a way that I can find a book based on what topic I want to read. As you can see, just click on “add shelf” and you can create as many bookshelves as you want. All of your stuff can be easily organized. You could even do shelves such as: “In queue; currently reading; recommend to others; want to read…eventually” or whatever!

So you can see, you have two really good options (there are more, but as you can see, there is a lot to cover!). Ease of getting the books to your device = Kindle. Ease of organizing = Kobo. But both allow you to access your entire library from any device you have the app on.

What is your favorite way to read eBooks?

**This bundle is no longer available. There is still much to see about the books below! But the bundle pricing is no longer applicable.** Add 97 more books to your eBook library for only $29.97! 

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  1. Oh I love KOBO! I’m going to give that a try! So cool…and pretty. I like pretty :)

  2. VERY helpful info, Nikki! I will have to watch the videos when I have more time and don’t have to be quiet to avoid waking my napping toddler! lol

  3. Thanks for comparing Kindle to Kobo. So Helpful!

    • Yay! Glad it helped :) I learned a ton too and found that I now like to have them both on my iPad for different reasons!

      • Sara Tucker says:

        I guess there is no way to open Kindle books in any other app without converting the file format. You’re right, if we want bookshelves we have to send our PDFs somewhere else than Kindle. Wish we could just use one app for everything. Wonder why on earth Kindle doesn’t allow sorting onto shelves!

        • I dunno! “They” say it is because they really want everyone to own a kindle and buy books from Amazon! But I don’t mind having two apps. It makes it easy for me to have a whole collections of books I want to read by topic, and also to quickly get books to my iPad in a jiffy!

  4. This was incredibly helpful! I had always wondered how to do this but it had seemed so complicated, but it really isn’t!
    I know you mentioned you did not have a Kindle, but do you think the process is much the same once your PDF file is on the Cloud?

  5. I have never heard of Kobo before, but I think I better go check it out. Is it mostly for storing your pdf eBooks? I have a lot as in over 900 books I downloaded to my amazon cloud so I am assuming it wouldn’t work for those. I did recently discover shelfari, which allowed me to import all the titles of my amazon purchases to my account. It is just the titles not the actual books, but you can categorize each book which makes it easier to sift through them all. This way I can search for a specific category and find all the books I have placed there, then go my my Kindle app and look it up by title.


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