How to Blackout Your Site {Create a Static Page}


Are you ready to shut your site down for a day? Did you see our personal invitation to you on Monday to help us begin a prayer revival right here on the Internet? Good. Let’s get crackin’!

On Thursday, the above prayer prompt is all our readers will see here at Christian Mommy Blogger as well as Intentional By Grace and Butterfly Ministries, LLC. For a day, our readers, and yours, will not be encouraged to cloth diaper, eat healthier foods, get “pinterested” or tackle day 18 of a 31 day challenge. Yes…those are reasons they love your blog – but let’s break out of the box and ask them to do something for us.

Instead of reading our content, let’s ask them to spend that time on their knees in prayer.

We will do a prayer blackout each month, but for the October Prayer Blackout, we have a special focus due to the elections: our President and our Nation. They both desperately need our prayers, especially right now!

Let’s join together and start a revival in our nation one blog at a time … through the prayers of our readers!

Don’t know how to even begin making your site “go dark” for a day? No worries! I have a video for you!

How to Blackout Your Self-Hosted WordPress Site

{Can’t see the video? Visit YouTube directly by following this link: How to Blackout Your site}

Additional Resources from the Video:

1. To get a better idea of what we are doing, or for a refresher, you can see Leigh Ann’s post about the Blackout here.

2. This is the plugin we are using for our Prayer Blackout: Ultimate Coming Soon Page Plugin. It is easiest to use the terms underlined to search for the plugin. When done accordingly, it will be the first plugin on the list.

3. Here is the image you need to save. First, click here to view the picture in it’s full size. IMPORTANT: You must use the link to get the correct image size of the prayer prompt graphic. It will open a new window. Right click/control click –> “save image as”. Save it to your desktop for easy reference – it will name itself. Then continue with the steps as seen in the video. If you know how to use the URL, you can go this route. But as mentioned in the video I don’t personally recommend this: Please note…the image at the top of this post is NOT the image for your blackout! The image for the blackout is here.

But I am not on WordPress! How do I participate?

Well this has really had my tummy in a knot. I have to say…I can’t officially advise

But what I can say is you can still participate even if you can’t do a blackout page for your blog. I recommend adding the picture to a post and putting no other words on the post. If you can modify your template on a certain post to not show any sidebars, I would do that too. Simplify your site as simply as you can! If you can’t “shut your site down” you can still prompt others to pray. And that really is what we are going for, right?

You aren’t the only one! Look at who is participating with us!

Please use the linky below to enter your BLOG OR BUSINESS name so we know who is participating. We can pray for your blog and/or business, and make sure we are connected on FB, Twitter and Pinterest because you, dear participant, are someone we want to make sure we get to know. We both agree on what REALLY matters! Amen? Amen!

Special thanks:

Mindy is a very sweet and totally selfless person who helped me find this plugin. She tried it out and made sure it worked. As a designer she knows all sorts of things, and as a friend, she always comes through when I need her! I prayed and prayed and prayed for an easy way to implement this page and couldn't find anything that wasn't code heavy. I would have needed longer than a 12 minute video to teach you that and you would NOT have wanted that! So thanks to Mindy for making this possible for more people to participate!

So tell us, you in?? more thing. If you love this and want to make sure you can take part in next month's prompt, make sure to subscribe to CMB so you get notified. Ok? You can do that here.

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  1. I’ve got a scheduled post ready for tomorrow with only the image! I’m on blogger so…….. that’s the best I’ve got!

  2. What a great idea! I can’t be a part on the 3rd Thursday as I post for another blog that day each month, but I love the idea! Thanks for sharing and bless you for kicking it off! We’re neighbors at WLW today :)

  3. I’ve got it locked and loaded!! Great instructions. And of course, it’s as easy as a plugin!

  4. Okay gals, I’m in. Both of my sites are WordPress Self-Hosted. I’m backing up both of them tonight (just in case…and cause I’m a little paranoid sometimes) and will be installing the plugin afterwards. Thanks for hosting this worthy cause. :)

  5. Ok.., I am Word Press but not self hosted….what are your recommendations for me?


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