Fellowship Fridays 5 + a Question for YOU

Welcome to another week of Fellowship Fridays!

This week I’m taking a hiatus from the featured posts to ask the community a question:

Are there any bloggers out there who would be interested in participating in a blogging challenge?

This is how it would work:

1) The challenge would have a theme.  (For example, write a post that discusses feeling God’s presence in the midst of chaos.)

2) You would have a set amount of time to write the challenge post and put it up on your blog. (Nothing stressful; maybe 2 weeks!)

3) The posts would be shared in a special link up on ChristianMommyBlogger.com and the community can read them, “like” them and vote on the best post.


Interested? Good!

There are many ways to join.  Let me know you’re in by January 26, 2014.

  • 1) Leave a comment on this post letting me know you’re interested!
  • 2) Email me: julie{at}christianmommyblogger{dot}com.
  • 3) Leave a comment on the Facebook page.
  • 4) Tweet me! Make sure to use #CMB.
  • 5) Leave a message on G+!

Now back to Fellowship Friday!

To browse all of the Fellowship Fridays, click here.  Ladies, you will discover some great posts!


Time to link up! Share what’s on your heart, mind, and blog! Well, I suppose it has to be on your blog to link up! Share your story and we may share yours next week, if you’re featured!

Please make sure to put a link to THIS post at the bottom of your post you are sharing. We share you, you share us!

Keep your links polite and respectful. Any links that are offensive in nature will be deleted. All others are accepted. That’s right. No limitations or rules! Just link up and share!

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  1. I’m interested…

  2. I am interested too!

  3. Oops, now I see the link up tool. Sorry about that!

  4. yes julie, i am interested in the question. sounds fun:)

  5. Sounds like a great idea to me!

  6. I’m interested in the question also. :)

  7. I! I’m also interested in the question. :)

  8. Kimberly A. Vogel says:

    I would like more info please

  9. Yes, I’ll be interested in participating in such a contest!

  10. This sounds interesting. I’d be interested in joining the challenge.

  11. I’d love to be a part of the Blog Challenge! I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to connect with fellow Christian bloggers and also spice up my content. Count me in!

  12. Hello!
    I’d be interested in a challenge! =)

  13. I would love to do a challenge with you. just send me a note and let me know.

  14. I’m interested! :D

  15. I’m interested, Julie!

  16. I’m interested! Sounds fun! Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  17. I’m in for the challenge!

  18. Well, your challenge does sound very interesting. And, timely. Aren’t we all working through some sort of chaos in our lives? Finding God in the center of it is key. I have a tale to that end – already blogged about it, though. Would a refit of an older post be appropriate? If so – I’d like to participate.

  19. I love the idea! Count me in.

  20. Yes interested! Don’t know if I am up for voting though! Eeeps! So many great writers out there! It will be great to read through them though!

    • Hi Eydie!

      Great to have you in! The participants will be ineligible for voting. Yes! It will be hard to vote. :) But interesting too – and hopefully that means that voters will read everyone’s blogs!

  21. I’d love to participate in your challenge

  22. I’m interested in the challenge. Thanks for coming up with creative ways to engage other bloggers!

  23. I’m game. :-)

  24. Sounds like a great idea. I’d like to hear more.

  25. looks like you got a great response. I too would participate in the challenge. I like the thought we would have two weeks to post. I know many of us post on different days and having the flexibility of when to post is great. keep us posted when you start and thanks for all you do.

  26. I’m interested! Just depends on the topic :)

    • Hi J. Rae,
      Great! I will include you on the ‘official’ email once all the responses are in. And then you can decide from there. :) Julie

  27. I would be interested….sounds fun! …..but the topic would have to be something that is a good fit for my blog/audience

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for the note! I will include you on the email once all the responses are in and you can decide then if you want to participate. :)

  28. I love this idea. I’m in. More details please :).

  29. I am interested in participating! !

  30. I’m new to this, but I’m interested in joining!

  31. I’m in!

  32. Im in :)

  33. I would like to participate as well!

  34. I am absolutely interested! As a new blogger, this would be an awesome kickstart for me!

  35. I am very interested, Julie. This is something I would love to do as a blogger.

  36. This was such a great idea! I wish I would’ve known about it earlier so I could’ve participated myself. Thanks for all of the support and encouragement you give through this page. :)


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