How to Schedule a Facebook Update

Facebook has come a long way in the past couple of years. Some changes for the better, and some … well, some we could totally do without. Don’t get me started. If you know me, you’re laughing right now. But Facebook is free, and we can work with free. I like free. You get what you pay for though. Have you heard of Google+? Come circle me (and Nikki) over there. I like Google+.

With that said, we do love the schedule feature that Facebook has, and we use it every single day. For those of you who may not know how to schedule a Facebook update, especially when you want to post a picture with the link in the comment section, today is your lucky day. Read on…

How to Schedule a Facebook Update

First, head to your blog’s Facebook page and type in your Facebook status update. You can add a picture, or you can just do a text update.

Do you see the little clock? When you hover over it, it says, “Schedule or backdate your post.” Click on that little icon.

Use the drop down boxes to choose the date and time you would like your post to go live. Then, click “schedule.”

That’s it! It’s really that simple to schedule a Facebook update! But what if you mess up, or you want to add a comment to a scheduled post? Read on…

Once you have scheduled your post, you’ll get the above pop up. Click “View Activity Log” to see your scheduled posts.

If for whatever reason this box does not appear, you can access the information in your page’s dashboard under “edit Page.” You will be able to see all your scheduled posts and make any changes you need.

If you’re posting a picture and you want to put your link in the comments section of your post (which is suspected to get you more “views”), then click the date and time link below the picture on your Activity Log.

You’ll then be able to edit and add comments to your picture!

Simply type your comment and press enter (or copy and paste your blog post link)! When your picture goes live, the comment will go live with it. So cool!

Are you on Google+?

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  1. I’ve got issues! Every time I try to schedule like this, the little pop-up box says, “If you want to share something now, just use the Post button. Scheduled posts need to be shared at least 10 minutes from when you create them.”

    Facebook does like me.

    • That is weird. In your FB settings, check your timezone. My only thought is your Facebook timezone does not line up with your computer’s time so there is some confusion?

      • This would make sense, but I can’t even find where a time zone setting can be changed. FB Help just says that it pulls the time from my computer’s settings so check to see if the computer is right. Checked!

        FB is using GMT (I’m in EST). I just scheduled something by adding five hours to the time I wanted it to post. I’ll find out in a couple if minutes if it worked. Seriously, I guess it’s no big deal, but I don’t exactly enjoy doing a mathematical word problem every time I want to schedule a post (“If a Facebook post leaves Ohio on a train traveling ninety miles per hour…..”).

        • You just totally made me LOL! Does FB list your location correctly in your profile?

        • Adding five hours worked! Maybe I can just have Riley schedule my posts as part of his math warm-up every morning? Ya think? At least I’ve finally figured out how to use this feature. I’ve been sitting on this problem for ages…..thanks for the motivation to work it out!

          • Glad it worked. But that is annoying. On your main profile page, under your cover photo click “Update Info” then see if where it says “Living” is in Ohio? I don’t think this should affect anything but worth a shot?

  2. Thanks ladies for sharing this and other useful info, I did not know you could do this, but we will be incorporating on our FB wall soon!! Your ministry on here ROCKS!!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I laughed. I really laughed. You <3 Facebook. Deep down in your heart.

  4. Ooooh! Thanks for this! I knew about the power of scheduling, but couldn’t figure out that pesky “how to put the link in the comments” piece. I am off to FB to give this a whirl right now!

  5. Question-Using your information, I just scheduled a post for later this afternoon, but then realized I just did text and did not include a photo. I used the Activity Log to get to the post. I clicked on the little arrow in the upper right of the post, but my only options for “editing” are these:
    Change Time, Publish Now, Delete Post
    I changed my id from my personal page to my Too Darn Happy page, and still only got the 3 options.
    Any suggestions for editing the post, either in the text or adding an image?

    • Kim, I’ve done this before. It stinks. The only option I know of is to delete the post and start again…remembering to add the photo on the front end. I’ve done this more times than I can count. Just copy/paste your text so you aren’t retyping. But then follow the same steps!

  6. Thanks Leigh Ann. I wondered if that was my only option. Thanks for answering my question so thoroughly and promptly!

  7. I wrote a post about this very topic this week. : }
    But you have much better images and explanations.
    Thanks for doing such a great job explaining this.

  8. What would be the purpose of pre-scheduling a post? I guess I just don’t see the value in it. It would be awesome if we could have a recurring post to keep our site popping up in the newsfeed even if we’re not on to make live posts. But still, I don’t understand the point.

    • This allows you to sit down once each day, and schedule posts to go “live” throughout the day. When you are busy you may not have time to sit down, login, and post an update. Now you can do it all when you have time and not worry about getting online when you are busy with “real life”!

  9. My facebook page doesn’t give me the option of setting time for when i will post. I think I have it set wrong. I’m facebook impaired! LOL thanks ladies. Catching up on posts after family illnesses.

  10. This was SUPER helpful. Love all these techie tips. Off to give it a try.

    • Yay! Let me know how it goes!

      • It worked perfectly, just like you said it would. THANK YOU so much for offering this easy helpful tip. It will make a huge difference for me as I manage 3 facebook pages. Love the tutorials, keep them coming.

  11. It’s so interesting that Facebook is allowing scheduling posts now…which is great for my blog ministry. I love what you all are doing here at ChristianMommyBlogger. God’s blessings as you move forward. And the cookbook recipes sound so yummy. Can’t wait to try out more smoothies!

  12. Thanks for this tutorial! My 2 friends and I started a blog about a month ago, so we’re still learning a lot. This will be so helpful!

  13. A million times – thank you!!! YOU have no idea how grateful I am for this :) I was trying to use Buffer, and it doesn’t link to my Facebook Page (without signing up for the version you pay for), so I’m SO happy to find a way to schedule Facebook statuses!