Cloth Diapering: The How (Part 2)

Are you just joining us? Read Cloth Diapering: The Why to find out some background information, and to just know that you read part 1 of a 4 part series! Also read Cloth Diapering: The How (Part 1) to see TONS of videos and learn more about the different types of diapers and also some of my processes for diapers and wipes.

Please note: This series is going to cover some necessary cloth diapering information. At no time do the Mommies involved intend to make you feel as though you are doing things wrong. We in no way want you to think the world will fall apart or you are single  handedly contributing to overflowing landfills if you use sposies.

We do, however, want you to understand that we believe the benefits outweigh the cons. We believe it is important enough in our lives (and our little one’s lives) that we should share.

We are to the section of our series where we are discussing extenuating circumstances. This (to me) covers traveling, overnight and any other special items.

“This is How We Do It {Travel}” Shh na na na na naaaa (Find your inner Montel Jordan)

We stock our diaper bag with everything we need. The End.

Oh, wait…is that not enough information for you? Okay, not a problem-here we go.

For short trips I pack a diaper bag with the following “must have” essentials:

  • 2 cloth diapers for each child (maybe one or two more for an all day trip, but any more and I can’t store the dirties)
  • 2 sposies for each just in case
  • Wet Bag for dirty diaper storage (helps keep the smell out of your diaper bag too).
  • Travel Wipes (my cloth wipes in a pouch…see video below)
  • The rest of the items are specific to my family’s choices (change of clothes, hand sanitizer, snacks, etc).

How do I make my bucket ‘o wipes travel worthy?


The above video explains in more detail why I use cloth wipes and also how I do them on the go!

What about longer trips?

If my trip is a 1/2 day, running errands, or even one overnight, I use my cloth diapers and wipes. For a longer trip I use ‘sposies UNLESS I am going somewhere that has a washer and dryer (for instance, visiting family at their house). My main reasons?

  1. Even if I had a ton of cloth diapers, storing them before washing them for more than 1 or 2 days makes for a stinky, stainy mess.
  2. I don’t want an additional suitcase for the amount of diapers I would need to last more than 2 days without washing them! Holy Diapers Batman! 
Just remember – Do not feel guilty or as though you aren’t “givin’ it your all” if you use sposies when traveling.

A Dreaded Cloth Diaper Situation….OVERNIGHT!

I had to ask other mama’s because I have struggled with this topic since day 1! How do you avoid leaks when your child sleeps for 12 hours? Or maybe even only 8…that is a long time and especially for those heavy wetters!

I have two separate solutions (you won’t like what you are about to hear, but listen anyway!)

Baby #2: 10 months old. Kawaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter with 2 inserts. Works really well but it is a lot of cushion in her diaper! If your baby is 32 pounds or smaller, I would recommend this as your overnight solution! (This is not the part you won’t like).

Baby #1: 27 months. Sposies. Yes. I said it. I have tried everything. She is too big for two inserts and one is not enough. I am not done with my search. Nothing thus far has worked for my 35 pounder. Waking up throughout the night because of wet diapers? Not worth it.

I needed help with my situation just like you might…so here is what I found:

Erin @ The Humbled Homemaker (Via Facebook): “I still use Kawaii bamboos on my almost 3 1/2-year-old! No, she’s not potty trained yet. Believe me, I *will* write a celebratory post when she is! ;)”

Michelle via Facebook: “Put training pants on them that are lined with a folded cloth diaper. Then put a pair of plastic pants over this.”

Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents (Via Facebook): “Wool…I’m Preachin’ it!”

Katie via Facebook: “I just got an order of rearz brand in there better than organic large and they are really large with hook and loop. They also stuff able.You can even get them in xlarge. (is that a word) We use the thristies duo fab and love, love, love them. Both great picks.”

Jack Be Natural via Facebook: “My 35lber wears Thirsties duo fab fitteds (without any extra inserts) with a fleece soaker overnight. It’s wonderful!”

My solution? I am going to buy 1 wool cover and 1 Kawaii Bamboo and 1 Thirsties duo fab fitted and  so I can see what works. Thank you ladies! Between these additions and what I already have in my arsenal I should be able to keep my toddler in cloth diapers overnight soon enough! I will keep you posted!

Just remember – Do not feel guilty or like you aren’t “givin’ it your all” if you use sposies overnight because that is what works. Do what works for you and your child!

A word on cloth diaper care: stripping

I have received questions about smelly diapers. Amonia like smell and also pesky stains can happen. What to do, what to do?!

Here are my personal methods for removal and/or prevention:

  • Once a week I wash my diapers with oxygen cleaner. Cold water rinse, hot water wash with the oxygen cleaner. However, soak overnight once filled with detergent and oxygen cleaner and in the morning finish the cycle.  Run an extra rinse if necessary.
  • Add a few tablespoons of white vinegar to the cold water pre-rinse if you notice a strong urine smell. I do this every few times and it prevents odor build up. (Remember, pre-rinse in cold water before any and all washes)
  • Add 1/2 cup baking soda to the wash (periodically) to neutralize the ph and odors. Run an additional rinse cycle.
  • I do not use bleach. I use the sun (see my post about Cloth Diapers and how I wash them). The sun bleaches out stains and eliminates odor. It also keeps harsh chemicals away from my little baby’s skin!
  • Unexplainable buildup? Might I recommend washing without detergent on HOT HOT HOT and then doing cold water rinses. Do this a few times (turn your water heater up if need be). This will continue to draw out any creams or soaps that have built up over time.
  • Reminder: Do not use diaper rash creams or heavy lotions with cloth diapers. If you need to use these (and there are times for sure!) use sposies for the duration of the usage and that will prevent unwanted buildup.
You will notice, I have been able to keep my diapers smelling fresh and looking unstained by enlisting all natural ingredients and methods. There are other options out there. I am not opposed to them, I just haven’t needed them, yet.

My extenuating circumstances have been addressed, but there are others for you to visit!

Mindy’s Diaper Routine @ The Purposed Heart

Leigh Ann’s Approach to Extenuating Circumstances @ Intentional By Grace

More on Wool diapers from Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

Might I also recommend Erin @ The Humbled Homemaker. Subscribe to her blog! She has a cloth diaper series coming up and is very knowledgable on the topic. You will learn a lot from her and she is a great blogger. Check her out!

That’s Not all Folks!

Don’t forget the series will continue! You know Why I use cloth diapers and you know The How for Cloth diapering (Part 1) and now you know the How for overnights and travel…but there is more! Remember the Series is called “Cloth Diapers: The Why, The How and The Win!”

  • (The Win!) My favorite diapers! (I will go over my personal favorites for both my little “petite” baby and also my toddler). **This includes a giveaway of my very favorite diaper (I haven’t yet shown this one to you!!! (Courtesy of the best diaper store around).**

Amazon resources:

Thirsties Cover (as show in Video Part 3)

Thirsties Prefold

Kawaii Baby (as shown in Video Part 2) For additional Kawaii diapers, visit: Jack Be Natural here

Eco Brands Prefold (The Prefold I couldn’t seem to remember…)

gDiapers (as seen in Video Part 1)…have a disposable insert option…makes it a hybrid and great for traveling!

Castille Soap (as seen in the cloth wipes video)

Wet Bags (Planet Wise) as seen in the last video

Laundry Detergent

Do you have any questions? Email me so we can address the questions in the upcoming posts. Make sure to follow my blog so you can remember to enter to win my favorite diaper through the giveaway from Jack Be Natural!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon (I am not an affiliate of Jack Be Natural, but just love their company!). It doesn’t cost you any additional money to purchase but it does support my site and pay for all the silly fees that I have to pony up to keep this site going! Your support is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Great post, Nikki! Very infomative!

    I don’t use bleach on my diapers either. The sun definitely works like the best all-natural bleach ever!

  2. Stacy Makes Cents says:

    Wool. I mean it. Wool. ;-)


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