Check Your Page Load Time {31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog}

Today is day 29 of our 31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog series! Check out all of the posts here.

Nothing makes your blog less reader friendly than a blog that simply doesn’t open.


And we are waiting.

No, not waiting anymore. We are moving on.

There went your reader. Sad day!

OR, you could make your blog a more reader friendly blog by checking your page load time!

Why do I need to check my page load time?

Because you need to know what (if anything) can be improved, changed, or removed in order to make your site more reader friendly – to make it accessible, at all! If it doesn’t load quickly, people will not stick around. Neither will advertisers.

How to check your page load time:

Go to Pingdom!  It’s free. It’s easy. I couldn’t ask for more!

Well, maybe I could.

Pingdom, could you please fix whatever ails my site, rather than just diagnose?

No? Well, I tried.

Okay Readers, head over there, to Dr. Pingdom Pingdom and enter your URL and “test now.”!

Happy page load time people.

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  1. Do you have a certain load time that you generally aim for?

    • In general, you want to be “fast than” a percentage. You don’t want to be “slower than.” I know, you would like more details. I am going to do a follow up with more info and ways to improve your load time!

  2. Ok, so any suggestions for understanding their diagnoses? I get where it’s slowing down, but I totally don’t understand what I’m supposed to change… or how!

  3. What do you recommend for a good page load time? And if it isn’t that, then what are some little things we could fix quickly that would help improve that time? I think I’ve run tests like this before, but don’t know what to do with my results. :)


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