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When researching strategies for writing great blog content, you will usually come across two different groups of experts with polar opposite opinions.

One side suggests that you should focus on writing for your readers. You are to imagine and create your ideal reader and write every post to that person. This helps you stay focused and keeps your content from jumping all over the place. This approach can earn you a large number of followers and post comments, however, you may get bored or lack passion for what you are writing.

The other camp states that you must write for yourself in order to draw a crowd. This approach allows you to write about whatever you want, which means you will be passionate about your writing. However, it will be tempting to only write when you feel like it, which may lead to a loss of readers due to inconsistency in posting.

I think it is important to find a balance.

While you should write what you are passionate about and stop worrying about what people think of your writing, you also must meet a need of some sort in order to gain readers. People won’t read your work if they aren’t getting anything out of it.

Finding a balance can lead to successful content, but I think there is another approach that most writers fail to explore. I believe the key to writing fantastic content is to write for God. You may think this sounds a bit ridiculous, but I have found it to be the most rewarding approach.

As Christians, we are called to do all things for the glory of God, whether we are writing content that is openly religious or not.

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.” -Colossians 3:23-24

In context, this verse is directed to servants. However, I believe it applies to us as well. One of our main objectives in social media ministry is to serve others. And, ultimately, to serve God.

Recently, I completely started over and launched a new blog because I realized that I was too focused on writing what I thought others wanted to read instead of what I believed God wanted me to share. So, I started a different blog with a new focus.

I will admit that it was a little scary. I was afraid that I would lose my readers. That I wouldn’t succeed. However, I realized that there is no risk if I am following God’s will. ¬†Although there are times that I still struggle with my people-pleasing tendencies, I have found that consistently reminding myself that I am writing for the glory of God has helped me stay focused. This focus has enabled me to write quality content that blesses my readers.

Whatever you are writing about on your blog, I encourage you to write it for God. He is the one who gave you the talent, so be sure to use it for His glory. You will be blessed in many ways when you do.

Who do you usually have in mind when writing?

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  1. Amen, Jenni! I have also struggled with the time spent on content vs time spent on marketing issue. The “experts” insist that most of your time should be spent on marketing, with new posts only 3-4 times per month. That doesn’t sit right with me at all. If I am writing as I discern God is prompting me, I think He will market me…or at least show me if /how He wants me to market. You’re so right. Writing to glorify Him is key.

    • Mandy, may I be so bold as to ask you what expert told you that about marketing? I don’t agree at all. If you aren’t focusing first on pushing out solid content, there is nothing to bring the reader to you. Ok, so if they do make it to your site, what will keep them there? I think it is great it didn’t sit well with you because I think content should come first! Just my humble opinion :)

      • I listened to two separate webinars. One was by Derek Halpern (Social Triggers) and the other was by Danny Iny (Fire Pole Media). To be accurate and fair, I should also say that both aim to increase their audience as much as possible as quickly as possible, and they aim to make money. Each gave some free tips, Danny Iny moreso. They do emphasize that content has to be good/ quality, but they insist that most of your time should be spent on marketing.

    • I haven’t heard that, Mandy. I agree with Nikki though…. You content is what keeps people reading! Thanks for your comment.

  2. As a new blogger your words are great reminders. I tend to lean to blogging what is on my heart, but have found myself asking “is this what people want to read?”
    Above all my desire is to write it for God- may I continue to remember that.

    Next to you at Thoughtful Thursday!

  3. Amen! I, too, have found writing to the audience of one is so much easier. And I have chosen that audience member to be my Creator. We get along fabulously ; )

    But that doesn’t mean I still don’t struggle with that…with the temptation to write for another reason….

    And note to self: I need to work on consistency. It’s easier for me during the school year!

    Thank you for your thoughtful post ~ I’m taking it with me!

  4. Ohhh… the people pleasing gets me all the time! I get fearful when writing something that God clearly wants me to share and revert to something “safer.” Or else, I’ll get going with several posts, spinning my wheels and wasting time before I get with it and just write what the Lord put on my heart in the first place. I feel that as Christian bloggers, we have an advantage. As you said, there is no risk when following God’s leading because He will supply all we need. I can only imagine the struggle and frustration that comes without that blessed assurance.

  5. I’m in 100% agreement with you. I do find it so hard not to think about what will draw readers. I tell myself all the time that God will bring those to the blog that need the message I’m sharing. If that’s one person, then that is fine. If that one person is just me, that is still totally fine. Hard but true.

  6. Great post, Jenni! It’s so easy to get stuck in the mode of writing either for other people that you want to attract… or just for yourself!

  7. Jenni,
    Thanks for your wise words this morning. God is teaching me some of the same lessons. Even today he reminded me to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Mat. 6:33). and God’s good gifts carry no regret. I visited from Be Not Weary today and glad I did :)

  8. i remember struggling with this question before i even launched my blog! wonderful thoughts, jenni. and wholeheartedly agree! i figure as i follow the Lord’s leading with what to write & when, He will direct the truths to the hearts they need reach, including my own. it’s a beautiful journey of trust, isn’t it? a picture of how He wants us to walk through life, in general.

    thx so much for encouraging us to keep the main Thing the main thing.

  9. Jenni, this is SO good. I really appreciate you drawing attention to the most important factor for Christian bloggers… GOD! Finding out how niche fits into all that… that’s my challenge. But I know the truth that if I write for Him, the content quality increases, and He is honored. So glad you linked up with our (heart)&(home) community at mercyINK :)

  10. You mentioned you started a new blog once — I did this as well. I was at Blogspot for awhile, when I came to the realization that many of my posts seemed bitter or angrily opinionated. That wasn’t what I wanted my blog to be. I tried changing my focus there — but found myself so used to platform (Blogspot itself) that it was like making embarrassing noises at home. It’s home. Why hide it or excuse myself (though we all should)?

    After several months of silence and a gradual decline into the abyss of despair, I came up with the idea to completely move my blog to Tumblr. Everything would be fixed! I could change my blog title, everything. I would start fresh. I’ve been at Tumblr for over a year now. I’ve greatly enjoyed it and love the features they have. However… I seem to be noticing that not many people use it for actual blogging at all. I became further discouraged when I noted the following quote in one of my favorite blogging magazines: “Too many photos and folks can just mosey over to Tumblr or Pinterest.”

    I have to wonder if this is just one person’s viewpoint, or if it truly is so ‘juvenile’ that I should return to Blogspot and re-launch my new blog there…?? I don’t like the idea of moving yet again, and had sincerely hoped to make Tumblr my forever blog home where I would eventually get a domain name, etc. etc. I had hoped to even forge a new path for bloggers everywhere by showing that it doesn’t really matter the platform — what matters is your heart and what flows from it onto the screen.


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