Thursday Thoughts: You Spoke! I Listened! {Updates & Changes to the Retreat}

Blogging Retreat Graphic

The Retreat Idea Received Tons of Positive Feedback When I first floated the idea of a Blogging Retreat, I received a lot of positive feedback.  But when and where became a problem.You spoke! I listened. And thought.  And prayed. Then I realized - Neither the time nor the location were a problem if I changed the format!   To all of those who messaged me, thank you for your feedback! The … [Read more...]

Fellowship Fridays 7


Welcome to another week of Fellowship Fridays! Today's featured post comes from Days & Thoughts. Our sister in Christ, Joanne, wrote on the topic of "visits" as part of the Five Minute Friday prompt.  While this was five minutes of writing, it was a message that has resonated with me all week long.  She recalled some precious moments of fellowship and really challenged me to be purposeful in … [Read more...]

Fellowship Fridays 5 + a Question for YOU

Welcome to another week of Fellowship Fridays! This week I'm taking a hiatus from the featured posts to ask the community a question: Are there any bloggers out there who would be interested in participating in a blogging challenge? This is how it would work: 1) The challenge would have a theme.  (For example, write a post that discusses feeling God's presence in the midst of chaos.) 2) … [Read more...]

Twitter Chats: What, Why and How

010714 TweetChat

What are Twitter Chats? For today's Tech Tuesday, I wanted to discuss a fun way to stay engaged with your blog's community:  Twitter Chats.  These go by many names (i.e. tweet party, tweet chats, twitter party, etc) but the idea is that at a pre-determined time, your readers log into Twitter to participate in a discussion related to your blog or a topic of your choosing. All tweets in the … [Read more...]

Link To Other Posts Within Your Post {31 Days to a More Reader-Friendly Blog}

Link to other posts

Today is day 24 of our 31 Days to a More Reader-Friendly blog. Check out all of the posts here! When your readers get your email in their inbox, they decide to take the time to read your post. They head to the blog and they are giving you their time. Are you giving them everything you can? Probably not. My guest is you are not exhausting your resources every time you give them some … [Read more...]

Make It Easy to Leave Comments! {31 Days to a More Reader-Friendly Blog}

Blog Comments

Today is day 23 of our series 31 Days to a More Reader-Friendly Blog. Check out the posts here! Comments aren't the be all, end all, to writing. Even if you aren't getting a ton of comments, you may still have readers, and they may still love your stuff. Maybe you have a blog that doesn't really "need" the comments. Maybe your writing is so deep that the reader just needs to let it soak … [Read more...]

My Blogging Weaknesses (Social Media Networking)

Blogging Weaknesses social media

My inbox piles high, great posts sit in drafts and don't get published, I continue to battle inconsistency with my blogging (gee, I am consistent with my inconsistency!). I definitely have my blogging weaknesses. I know I am not the only one (thankfully) but I am sorry to know you may struggle with these things too (sigh). I pray you take some of the same steps I have taken to "Spring" clean your … [Read more...]

Becoming an Intentional Blogger {Bonnie’s Story}

In 2006, I was working my first job after university and dating my husband.  For the past four years, I’d told myself that when I was done studying for exams and papers, I’d start writing again.  I hadn’t done that.  Somehow, life seemed to keep getting in the way.  So in August, as I switched from one job to another without a day off, I sat down and started a blog.  It was a way to encourage … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Faith Bloggers Regarding Blog Comments

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If you write primarily on faith, you might notice you aren't getting as many comments as you would like. I can't speak for all faith blogs, but I can speak for Intentional By Grace and say, yep...I get it! You write your heart out, you become vulnerable and share what the Lord has laid on your heart, and think surely this time your readers will comment. Then nothing happens. You're sitting there … [Read more...]

12 Tips to Increase Blog Comments

tips to increase blog comments

Before we dive into our tips to increase blog comments, I want start with this thought: Are you shepherding the flock you have, or are you leaving them alone to look for more sheep? <--Tweet This!! Why do you want to increase your blog comments? Will you do a quick heart check for me? Let's make sure we're seeking to increase blog comments for the right reasons, okay? If you're still with … [Read more...]