Registration is live for the eRetreat

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Christian Bloggers need to be refreshed! Sign up for a  retreat focused on Christian bloggers, whether you blog about your faith or not.  Course materials will be delivered via email. It starts April 26th! To sign up, click here. The course material is appropriate for beginners and also for those who are looking to inject new life into their blogs! Topics covered include: Meditations … [Read more...]

Thursday Thoughts: You Spoke! I Listened! {Updates & Changes to the Retreat}

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The Retreat Idea Received Tons of Positive Feedback When I first floated the idea of a Blogging Retreat, I received a lot of positive feedback.  But when and where became a problem.You spoke! I listened. And thought.  And prayed. Then I realized - Neither the time nor the location were a problem if I changed the format!   To all of those who messaged me, thank you for your feedback! The … [Read more...]

Thursday Thoughts: How do I Start a Blog? {Plus an offer for a wannabe blogger}

Thursday Thoughts on eMinistry

Hello Readers! Here's one of the most common questions I receive: "I want to be a blogger! How do I start?" Ok all the questions aren't worded that way; but its some variation of where and how does one start blogging. I want to cut through any information overload and get to the heart of the matter. WHY DO YOU WANT TO BLOG? There's no right answer. Whether its to start a business from … [Read more...]

Are your goals “S.M.A.R.T.”?

Prov 19-21 c

It's February! (Most) New Year's Resolutions are written. Some are already gathering dust! Now that you know where you're headed, it’s time to figure out how to get there. Research proves that people who put their goals in writing accomplish more than those who don't. Modern day researchers may feel they discovered this, but the Scriptures contain references to writing revelations down. Habakkuk … [Read more...]

Fellowship Fridays 7


Welcome to another week of Fellowship Fridays! Today's featured post comes from Days & Thoughts. Our sister in Christ, Joanne, wrote on the topic of "visits" as part of the Five Minute Friday prompt.  While this was five minutes of writing, it was a message that has resonated with me all week long.  She recalled some precious moments of fellowship and really challenged me to be purposeful in … [Read more...]

Planners & Planning {with a coupon for you!}

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How do you keep your calendar? Are you someone who has a whiteboard? Or a physical planner? Or do you keep everything on your smart phone? I tend to do all of the above. Well I don't have a whiteboard - but I do have a magnetic notepad hung on the fridge. And I try to put appointments into my phone - the nice thing about this is that if I can remember to set the alerts, then the alerts … [Read more...]

Fellowship Fridays 5 + a Question for YOU

Welcome to another week of Fellowship Fridays! This week I'm taking a hiatus from the featured posts to ask the community a question: Are there any bloggers out there who would be interested in participating in a blogging challenge? This is how it would work: 1) The challenge would have a theme.  (For example, write a post that discusses feeling God's presence in the midst of chaos.) 2) … [Read more...]

Big Picture Thinking to Start the New Year: Twitter Chat Recap 1/7/14

Save the Date Feb 4 Twitter Chat

The first Twitter Chat party of 2014 was a fast flying hour. There were 10 people on and people genuinely shared their thoughts and ideas. For this first chat, the goal was to do some big picture thinking about our blogging. Three major questions were asked: 1) Why do you blog? What would make you STOP blogging? 2) Who has influenced you and how do you want to pass that on? 3) What would … [Read more...]

Twitter Chats: What, Why and How

010714 TweetChat

What are Twitter Chats? For today's Tech Tuesday, I wanted to discuss a fun way to stay engaged with your blog's community:  Twitter Chats.  These go by many names (i.e. tweet party, tweet chats, twitter party, etc) but the idea is that at a pre-determined time, your readers log into Twitter to participate in a discussion related to your blog or a topic of your choosing. All tweets in the … [Read more...]

Taxes and Planning – Part Two – Minimizing your Tax Bill

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Taxes? Just after New Year’s? Well, yes. New Year’s tends to be a time of natural goal setting. (Have you done New Year’s resolutions?) While taxes aren’t fun (for most people!), they are part of having a business. Missed the first post in this series? Its’ linked here. So join me in part two of this series as we learn about: 1) Bloggers’ tax obligations (last week!) 2) How to minimize the … [Read more...]