Check Your Page Load Time {31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog}

Page Load Time

Today is day 29 of our 31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog series! Check out all of the posts here. Nothing makes your blog less reader friendly than a blog that simply doesn't open. Tap-tap-tap. And we are waiting. No, not waiting anymore. We are moving on. There went your reader. Sad day! OR, you could make your blog a more reader friendly blog by checking your page load … [Read more...]

Link To Other Posts Within Your Post {31 Days to a More Reader-Friendly Blog}

Link to other posts

Today is day 24 of our 31 Days to a More Reader-Friendly blog. Check out all of the posts here! When your readers get your email in their inbox, they decide to take the time to read your post. They head to the blog and they are giving you their time. Are you giving them everything you can? Probably not. My guest is you are not exhausting your resources every time you give them some … [Read more...]

Show Off Your Popular Posts {31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog}

show off your popular posts_edited-1

We are continuing our 31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog series. Today we're going to talk about your popular posts! We want you to show off your popular posts. Similar to the idea of your sneeze pages, you might have popular posts in your archives. Let your readers know about them! 3 Ways to Show Off Your Popular Posts Highlight popular posts in your side bar. Use your side bar space to … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Blog Pinterest-Friendly

sarah mueller

The following is a guest post from Sarah Mueller of Early Bird Mom. One visit to her blog and you will see she clearly knows how to make her blog Pinterest-friendly! We all have much to learn from her! Thanks for guest posting for us Sarah! Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, link-ups, guest posting, answering comments, graphic design. The list of things to learn and use to grow your blog is … [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: Use Your Email Signature to Promote Your Blog

WiseStamp Email Signature

If you are trying to grow your blog and increase traffic, then one easy way you can start promoting your blog is by making use of your email signature! Think about how many emails you send. What if each of those people started clicking over to your blog? What if you shared something worth forwarding? Hello, more blog promotion opportunities! Using your email signature to promote your blog is an … [Read more...]

Please Welcome Our New Venture: Blog Consulting {and a chance to win a free package}!

You can see more giveaways by viewing Wednesday's post here and Thursday's post here!! Scroll down to the bottom of each post to enter! Whether you are a missionary across seas, a stay at home mom, or a teacher at an inner city school, you have a ministry. You have a calling from God to share the Gospel in whatever season of life you find yourself in. Mommy you have a message to share. But you … [Read more...]

How to Linkup {Tech Tuesday}

Tech Tuesdays

  Do you have a topic you would like answered for a Tech Tuesday? Email nikki {at} with the subject line "Tech Tuesday"! Of all the ways you can grow your blog, few work more quickly than linking up. Granted, if you don't have good content to link to, there is nothing for a new reader to "follow"; however, linking up allows you to get your blog in front … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fret Over Losing Blog Fans

5 reasons you shouldn't fret

The following is a guest post from Natasha of Christian Mom Thoughts: I started my blog, Christian Mom Thoughts, a little over a year ago. In that time, it has grown to more than 3,500 Facebook fans and 600 email subscribers. Starting and growing a blog has been more difficult than I anticipated when I began, but by far the hardest part for me has been dealing with unlikes and … [Read more...]

3 Principles for Driving Traffic

Principles for driving traffic

This is a post from contributor Laura of Beholding Glory: I have a total of two house plants. One, my husband waters on a consistent basis. The other, both of us forget to water and is slowly on its way out. These plants are evidence of the principle that whatever you feed grows. Just as there are general principles in life, "If you churn cream, you will produce butter. If you twist a nose, you … [Read more...]

Making Goals Work For You {Not the Other Way Around}

How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

This post is part of our series, How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level. You can see all the posts here. I  have 1 subscriber. Oh my goodness. How on earth will that one subscriber tell enough people about my blog? I hear this "word of mouth" thing is how people will find out about me. But there is only one mouth spitting out words. This is going to take for. ever. Ok. I will check back … [Read more...]