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Top 10 Ways to Earn Money

Have you been considering ways to monetize your blog? Have you been trying to earn money with blogging, but find you are unsuccessful? Do you feel you lack the creativity or know-how to make it really work? Today's post is a guest post from Rosilind from A Little R & R.     I believe that many of us simply haven't begun to tap into all of the possibilities that are out there. … [Read more...]

Bloggers Who Know How to Do Newsletters {31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog}

Reader Friendly Blog

We've been talking about email sign up forms and creating email newsletters for our blogs these last couple of days. We thought it would help if we showed you some examples of bloggers who are doing these things well! Stacy Makes Cents is one of our dear friends, but she's also stellar at collecting email addresses! You don't have to go searching for her email sign up form. The email sign … [Read more...]

Make Your Blog More Reader Friendly with an Email Newsletter {Day 5}

make your blog more reader friendly with an email newsletter_edited-1

Last week, we talked about 9 key places to put an email sign up form on your blog. Capturing email addresses is one of your most powerful tools as a blogger. We talk in depth about why email addresses are so important in our eBook, Intentional Blogger. As a blogger, your content is important to you. You want our posts to be seen and read. One way you can do this is creating an email newsletter … [Read more...]

9 Key Places to Put an Email Sign Up Form {31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog}

9 key places to put email sign up forms_edited-1

Building your email list should be of the utmost importance as a blogger; yet, it is often the most overlooked method of marketing. We think building your email list is so important that we dedicated an entire chapter to this idea in our eBook, Intentional Blogger. How do you get more email subscribers? It's simple. Use more email sign up forms. You want it to be as easy as possible (and … [Read more...]

From Idea to eBook: An Online Course to Help You Make It Happen

From Idea to eBook: An Online Course to Help You Make it Happen

(This post does contain our affiliate link for From Idea to eBook, however, we would recommend this course whether or not we made money off of it because we believe it is a great resource for our CMB community!) Do you have an idea for an eBook, but have no idea how to turn it to a money making machine for your blog? Do you wonder how to format the inside or how to get the right design for a … [Read more...]

How to Add Affiliate Links to Images

how to add affiliate links to images

We will chat more in the future about how to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts, but right now, we want to answer a quick question we get often. How do I add affiliate links to images? With the age of Pinterest, people are now accustomed to clicking on images; therefore, it only makes sense to ensure you maximize your monetizing efforts by making your images clickable by including … [Read more...]

How to Put 125×125 Ad Slots on Your Site {Tech Tuesday}

Quad Button

How to Put 125x125 Ad Slots on Your Site Welcome to another Tech Tuesday! I have been flooded by requests about how to do this process so Leigh Ann and I decided it was time to do a tutorial! You will want to put 125x125 ad slots on your site if you plan on advertising for others or using affiliate marketing. This is also where you would put blog buttons, series banners, and really, anything … [Read more...]

Please Welcome Our New Venture: Blog Consulting {and a chance to win a free package}!

You can see more giveaways by viewing Wednesday's post here and Thursday's post here!! Scroll down to the bottom of each post to enter! Whether you are a missionary across seas, a stay at home mom, or a teacher at an inner city school, you have a ministry. You have a calling from God to share the Gospel in whatever season of life you find yourself in. Mommy you have a message to share. But you … [Read more...]

A Double eBook Giveaway! {We want to…Bless Your Blog!}

Bless Your Blog at Christian Mommy Blogger

We are on day 2 of our big launch week and we are so excited to announce our very first giveaway... We know you have bookkeeping and numbers questions...whether you are making money in a small business venture or not. I (Nikki) personally believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of how numbers work for basic accounting. I have started with some simple tidbits and then … [Read more...]