{Tech Tuesday}: Email Signature Promotion

Email Signature

  Today I'm dusting off an old post from about a year about about using your email signature to promote your blog, product or service.  If you click on the post, it tells you all about an app called Wisestamp that lets you easily create coding that has a professional looking email signature.  The coding can even include a link to your latest blog post! Now that's pretty cool! The reason … [Read more...]

{Thursday Thoughts} Amazon Associates

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money

Have you been considering ways to monetize your blog? Have you been trying to earn money with blogging, but find you are unsuccessful? Do you feel you lack the creativity or know-how to make it really work? Today's post is a guest post from Rosilind from A Little R & R.     I believe that many of us simply haven't begun to tap into all of the possibilities that are out there. … [Read more...]

How to Embed a Google Plus Post {Tech Tuesday}

Step 2 of How to Embed

Why Learn This? Its always great to learn how to do something tech-wise; I don't know about you, but I need to see a benefit to it before doing it. I've seen it done before and it looked neat.  But I wanted to do some more digging to see if it was worth it to embed a Google Plus Post on this blog! 3 Reasons to Embed a Google Plus Post: 1) Try something new/creative on your blog so that you can … [Read more...]

{Tech Tuesday} Getting more comfortable with G+

G+ Logo

  Last week I talked about why G+ is a great platform and shared three tips for using it. Getting more comfortable on G+ I believe G+ is one of the most effective tools for reaching and interacting with our readers.  But to do it properly, we have to be comfortable with it! WHERE TO START On the top left hand side you have the home button.  If you let your cursor hover over that, … [Read more...]

Registration is live for the eRetreat

Blogging Retreat Graphic

Christian Bloggers need to be refreshed! Sign up for a  retreat focused on Christian bloggers, whether you blog about your faith or not.  Course materials will be delivered via email. It starts April 26th! To sign up, click here. The course material is appropriate for beginners and also for those who are looking to inject new life into their blogs! Topics covered include: Meditations … [Read more...]

{Tech Tuesday}: Google Plus Basics – The 5 W’s

G+ Logo

Do you remember learning the 5 W's? In the blogosphere, well just online in general, there is always the latest and greatest thing.  Its hard to know whether to jump on the bandwagon or to sit back and watch.  Well Google+ has been around for over two years, so its probably time to check it out. Today's post is going to cover the basics of Google Plus. Who - You! The sign up for this is … [Read more...]

Thursday Thoughts: Blogging Challenge Book Update!

Book with a computer mouse

February was a busy month for ChristianMommyBlogger.com!  Aside from a flurry of posts and some blog consulting, the first blogging challenge was launched.  Originally, I was thinking that it would become an annual event and that it may take a few years for it to gain momentum.  Well, the response right out of the gate was phenomenal! What a great community this is. :) The downside is, it is … [Read more...]

Survey Readers for Free {Tech Tuesday}

Question Creation on Survey Monkey

Common reasons to do this are: To understand who is reading your blog To gauge interest for a new project To run a custom giveaway that Rafflecopter can't handle Understand who your Readers are Understanding who your readers are is very important.  This can help shape how you write.  It can also shape which topics you choose to explore.  Don't make assumptions about who your readers … [Read more...]

You’ve Got Mail! {In your “Other” Inbox}

Other inbox

  Did you know you have an "other" inbox on Facebook? Facebook is such a popular platform for connecting with people all across the world.  But did you know you have an "other" inbox on Facebook? Its not something that you need to check every day.  But it may be worth checking periodically to make sure nothing important ended up there by mistake. Four types of messages that you'll probably … [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: Screenshots

Tech Tuesdays

  Reminder, Tuesday 3/4/14 is our monthly Twitter Chat at 9pm EST.  Follow @christmomblog and look for the #CMB hashtag!  Tonight we are going to discuss Link ups:  which ones we participate in, what we get out of them, and how to best leverage them.  Will you be there? I hope so! Let's jump right into today's topic: Screen shots.  Sometimes they're also called screen captures or screen … [Read more...]