Big Picture Thinking to Start the New Year: Twitter Chat Recap 1/7/14

The first Twitter Chat party of 2014 was a fast flying hour. There were 10 people on and people genuinely shared their thoughts and ideas. For this first chat, the goal was to do some big picture thinking about our blogging.

Three major questions were asked:
1) Why do you blog? What would make you STOP blogging?
2) Who has influenced you and how do you want to pass that on?
3) What would you do with your blog if failing wasn’t even a possibility?

For the first question, the answers varied. Some said they blog because they love it; some feel their businesses demand it in this technological age. And others feel that this is their special calling. All felt that they would stop (or cut back on) blogging if it was somehow detrimental to their family/home.

This question was vague on purpose. The goal was just to get those thoughts going. Knowing why you do what you do and what your personal limits are can help you make sure that your missions, goals and objectives are laser-focused.

Christina from @Keeping_Home had this to say:

Christina ‏‪@Keeping_Home‬ ‬56m 

‪@christmomblog‬ I have to remember that I’m not a blogger (it’s just part of what I do) or I overplan & focus too much on blogging ‪#CMB‬

What a powerful statement! I think this is a great reminder for all of us. We blog not because we just want to be “bloggers” but because we have a message to share, and use blogging as our platform. Also, in your planning, make sure to plan to prevent those situations where you would need to stop blogging. Ask yourself: Am I fulfilling the why of why I blog?

The next question dealt with influence. This was another one where I didn’t want to predispose people’s answers. The answer could have been related to blogging or anything else in people’s lives.

What I thought was so great was how many people mentioned other blogs as great influences! We are so lucky to have other people to emulate as we strive to communicate our own unique posts. The consensus in the group was that we all look up to blogs that glorify God. Some may be marriage focused, home school focused, home focused, or anything else. But they all have this in common. Pinpointing what these influencers have in common that makes them significant can help us to examine our thoughts, actions and posts and see if they measure up to do the same. Ask yourself: Does this post help others or glorify God?

Finally, the discussion moved to a ‘fun’ question: What would you do if failing were off the table? Not even an option? Here the answers varied as well. Candace from @CandaceCreates shared this:

Candace Creates ‏‪@CandaceCreates‬ ‬8m 

‪@christmomblog‬ I would share everything about my past without fear of judgement. I already do share A LOT though :)! ‪#cmb‬

What I loved about the answers is that they reflected humble, willing hearts that wanted to follow God’s prompting. Ladies, this was the clencher for me. How refreshing to be in the community of Christ’s followers! This atmosphere of sharing, honesty and encouragement that existing on the Twitter Chat Party is exactly what is all about.

Thank you for such a great Twitter Chat Party! Hope to see all on Tuesday February 4th! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow @christmomblog!


  1. What a cool way to connect and share ideas! I will have to try to make the next one!

  2. “Ask yourself: Am I fulfilling the why of why I blog?” That’s a very good idea!

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